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At Prime Test Engineering, we specialize in comprehensive balcony inspections, ensuring your property complies with California’s SB 326 and SB 721 requirements. Our expert team of certified inspectors is equipped to assess the safety and integrity of your balconies, decks, and exterior walkways, providing detailed reports and recommendations.

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About SB326 Inspections

Effective in January 2020, Senate Bill 326 requires the inspection of exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing elements for buildings containing three or more multifamily units. Our sb 326 balcony inspections are designed to comply with these regulations, identifying potential risks and necessary repairs to ensure the safety of all residents.

About SB721 Inspections

Senate Bill 721, also known as the 'Balcony Bill,' mandates the inspection of balconies, decks, and other exterior structures in multifamily buildings. Implemented to prevent safety hazards, our sb 326 balcony inspections includes a thorough examination of load-bearing components and a detailed assessment to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

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Don't wait for the unexpected. Ensure your building's safety by scheduling a professional balcony inspection with us today. Contact us to learn more about our balcony inspection services and how we can assist you in maintaining a safe and compliant property.

As leaders in the balcony and deck safety inspections, Prime Test Engineering provides critical services that adhere to the stringent requirements of California's SB 326 and SB 721. These laws were instituted to enhance safety and prevent tragic accidents by mandating regular inspections and maintenance of all elevated exterior elements.

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Our Balcony Inspection Services

Our team offers a range of balcony inspection services designed to identify any vulnerabilities in your building’s balconies and decks. From initial assessments to detailed compliance inspections, we ensure every element is thoroughly examined and compliant with the latest safety standards. Our balcony inspection company expertise includes:

• Comprehensive visual inspections to assess the general condition.
• Endoscopic testing for in-depth analysis of internal structures.
• Moisture assessment to prevent decay and structural failure.
• Detailed reporting, providing actionable insights and recommendations.

Leveraging Technology for Precision

Utilizing the latest technology, including infrared and endoscopic tools, our balcony inspections are not only thorough but minimally invasive. This approach allows us to detect hidden problems without significant disruption to your property. Our experienced engineers and technicians are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Ensure the integrity and safety of your property’s balconies and decks. Contact Prime Test Engineering today to schedule a comprehensive inspection. Let us help you comply with SB 326 and SB 721, safeguarding your residents and your property.



Providing expert advice on concrete selection and usage.


Utilizing drones for precise property mapping and analysis.


Assessing metal structures for corrosion risks and prevention.


Using advanced methods to inspect materials without causing damage.


A balcony inspection is a thorough assessment of your balcony to identify any potential hazards or defects that could compromise its safety and structural integrity.

A balcony inspection is necessary to ensure your balcony is safe and secure. It helps identify potential hazards, such as cracks, damage, or wear and tear, which can lead to accidents or structural failures.

A balcony inspection typically includes a visual examination of the balcony, including its structure, railings, and any attached features like planters or seating. Our experts assess the condition of the balcony and identify any defects or hazards.

It is recommended to have your balcony inspected regularly, especially if it is used frequently. The frequency of inspections depends on factors such as usage, weather conditions, and the balcony’s age and condition.

The benefits of a balcony inspection include:

    • Identifying potential hazards and defects before they become major issues
    • Ensuring the safety and security of occupants and users
    • Preventing costly repairs or replacements
    • Maintaining the structural integrity of the balcony

The cost of a balcony inspection varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the balcony, the location, and the level of service required. Contact Prime Test Engineering for a customized quote for your balcony inspection needs.

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At Prime Test Engineering, we take immense pride in our position as a trusted leader in the materials testing industry.


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Construction inspection is a crucial process that involves the thorough examination of various stages of building or structure development. It ensures that the construction is proceeding in compliance with the set plans, codes, and specifications. At Prime Test Engineering, our certified inspectors conduct regular site visits to assess the work done, ensuring every aspect meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Choosing Prime Test Engineering means selecting peace of mind and reliability. Our team comprises seasoned inspectors with certifications in all aspects of construction, making us uniquely qualified to handle any inspection task. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver detailed and precise inspections, helping you avoid costly rework and delays. Our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to choice for construction inspection services.

Our inspectors hold certifications from recognized institutions and undergo continuous training to stay abreast of the latest industry standards and technologies. This ensures they are well-versed in all aspects of construction, from foundational work to final finishes. Their expertise allows them to identify even the most subtle issues that could impact the integrity and safety of your project.

At Prime Test Engineering, our inspectors hold a wide array of certifications that span across all critical aspects of construction, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your project’s needs. Our team is certified in concrete and asphalt inspections, possessing in-depth knowledge of these materials’ composition, application, and performance characteristics. We also offer specialized geotechnical inspection services to assess soil conditions and foundation integrity, crucial for the project’s groundwork.

In addition to these, our certified welding inspectors (CWIs) bring expert scrutiny to the structural elements of your project, focusing on the safety and compliance of welded joints in steel constructions. 

This broad spectrum of certified inspection capabilities allows Prime Test Engineering to provide a one-stop solution for all your construction inspection needs. Our multidisciplinary expertise ensures that every aspect of your project, from the foundation to the finishing touches, meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance, laying a solid groundwork for your project’s success.

Prime Test Engineering is equipped to inspect a wide array of construction projects, including residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and infrastructure projects. Our certified inspectors have the knowledge and experience to handle the complexities of any construction type, ensuring a thorough evaluation and compliance with all relevant standards.

We integrate the latest technological advancements into our inspection processes, such as drone imagery, thermal imaging, and advanced structural analysis software. This allows for a more comprehensive assessment of hard-to-reach areas, energy efficiency, and structural integrity, providing you with a detailed and accurate inspection report.

Should our inspectors identify any deficiencies or non-compliant areas during the inspection, we will document these findings in a detailed report, including photographs and specific descriptions. We also provide expert recommendations for corrective actions to ensure that your project meets all necessary standards and regulations.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, please contact Prime Test Engineering. Let us help ensure your construction project’s success with our expert inspection services.