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Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) are meticulous evaluations aimed at comprehensively examining a real estate asset’s current state, encompassing its structural integrity, mechanical systems, and overall functionality. Conducted by licensed professionals, these assessments involve thorough inspections of both internal and external features, along with reviews of relevant documents like maintenance logs, blueprints, and permits.

Welcome to Prime Test Engineering, the leading provider of comprehensive property condition assessment services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable assessments to help you make informed decisions regarding the safety, integrity, and functionality of your property. Whether you’re a property owner, manager, or investor, trust us to provide the expertise and insights you need to maintain your assets and ensure the well-being of occupants and visitors. Our PCA services offer a thorough evaluation of a property’s structural integrity, identifying potential issues, and providing actionable recommendations for maintenance, repair, and improvement.


Comprehensive Structural Condition Assessment Services


  • Perform facility condition assessments for various structures, including steel, wood, reinforced concrete, and masonry structures.
  • Employ cutting-edge technology such as Drone surveys, LIDAR, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and more.
  • Specialize in assessing the condition of historical structures, ensuring preservation and compliance with heritage standards.

Versatile Assessment for Diverse Structural Types

Reinforced Concrete Structures:

Prime Test specializes in assessing the condition and integrity of reinforced concrete structures, employing advanced techniques to ensure a thorough evaluation of these critical components.

Steel Structures:

Our expertise in property condition assessment in los angeles extends to comprehensive assessments of steel structures, where we analyze the integrity and performance of various steel elements to ensure safety and durability.

Wood Structures:

Prime Test is well-versed property condition assessment company in conducting evaluations for wood structures, providing detailed insights into their condition and offering recommendations for maintenance and improvement.

Reinforced Masonry and Unreinforced Masonry (URM):

With our best property condition assessment services, we possess specialized knowledge in assessing both reinforced and unreinforced masonry structures, employing advanced testing methods to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate measures.

Historical Structures and Bridges:

Prime Test's versatile building condition assessment capabilities extend to historical structures and bridges. Our property condition assessment company team is adept at evaluating these unique and often intricate structures, ensuring their preservation and compliance with safety standards.


Specialized Structural Testing services

Comprehensive Suite of Specialized Tests:

Prime Test Engineering provides an extensive range of specialized tests, including but not limited to anchors testing, pull-out testing, pull-off testing, load testing, flat jack testing, in-place shear testing, and more. This comprehensive suite ensures a thorough examination of various structural elements.

Structural Health Monitoring:

Implementing advanced structural health monitoring techniques, Prime Test Engineering tracks changes in structural behavior over time. This continuous monitoring enhances our ability to provide real-time insights into the performance and condition of structures, facilitating proactive maintenance and risk mitigation.

Corrosion and Defect Identification:

Prime Test excels in identifying and assessing corrosion, delamination, voids, and other concealed defects affecting structural elements. Utilizing specialized testing methods, our team brings hidden structural issues to light, allowing for targeted interventions and ensuring the longevity of the structure.

Customized Solutions for Structural Challenges:

Prime Test Engineering goes beyond identification and property condition assessment in los angeles california, providing customized solutions based on the findings of specialized tests. Whether addressing corrosion, defects, or specific material challenges, our team collaborates with clients to develop tailored strategies for optimal structural performance and longevity.

GPR Survey Services

Subsurface Imaging:

Utilize GPR technology to create detailed 3D subsurface images of concrete structures, offering a comprehensive view of embedded features and potential anomalies.

Identification of Rebar and Post-Tension (PT) Cables:

Conduct GPR scans to differentiate between rebars and post-tension cables within the concrete, providing accurate and crucial information for construction and renovation projects.

Accurate Depth Estimation:

Implement GPR technology to estimate the depth of concrete features and anomalies in three dimensions, ensuring precise information for construction planning, drilling, and structural assessments.

Non-Destructive Evaluation:

Conduct non-destructive 3D evaluations of concrete structures using GPR, minimizing the need for invasive procedures while providing comprehensive insights into the condition of the material.

Detailed 3D Reporting:

Generate detailed reports based on 3D GPR scans, including visual representations of subsurface conditions in three dimensions, interpretations of findings, and recommendations for further actions or investigations.


Materials Sampling Services

Concrete Core Sampling:

Conduct precise sampling of concrete cores to assess the compressive strength, durability, and other material properties, providing essential data for quality control and structural evaluations.

Steel Coupon Sampling:

Perform sampling of steel coupons to evaluate material characteristics, corrosion resistance, and the overall integrity of steel components within structures, supporting maintenance and longevity assessments.

Concrete Masonry Block Sampling:

Sample concrete masonry blocks to analyze their composition, strength, and durability, ensuring compliance with industry standards and facilitating informed decisions in construction and renovation projects.

Wood Sampling:

Gather samples of wood materials to assess their quality, structural characteristics, and susceptibility to decay or insect damage, ensuring compliance with construction standards and safety requirements.

Quality Control and Assurance:

Implement materials sampling as a crucial component of quality control and assurance processes, ensuring that construction materials meet specified standards and project requirements.

Laboratory Testing Coordination:

Coordinate the transportation of samples to laboratories for comprehensive testing, facilitating in-depth analyses of material properties and adherence to industry standards.



Utilize drones for detailed property mapping and monitoring.


Thorough examinations for identifying defects and safety hazards.


Evaluate metal structures for corrosion risks and mitigation.


Inspect materials without damage to detect flaws and defects.


A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a comprehensive examination of a real estate asset’s current state, focusing on its structural integrity, mechanical systems, and overall functionality. Professionals, such as engineers and architects, conduct PCAs to identify existing flaws, defects, or areas requiring attention, offering crucial insights into a property’s present condition for stakeholders like owners, purchasers, and financiers

PCA pricing varies according to factors such as the size, age, and location of the property. Generally, smaller facilities might cost less than a thousand dollars, while larger and more complex buildings could range upward from that amount.

A typical PCA involves several steps, including:
Document Review & Interviews: Analyzing relevant documents, such as maintenance logs, blueprints, and permits.
Walk-Through Survey: Performing a visual inspection of the building’s interior and exterior to detect physical deficiencies.
Opinion of Costs to Remedy Physical Deficiencies: Developing estimates for necessary repairs and replacements.
Preparation of Property Condition Report (PCR): Creating a detailed report summarizing findings and recommendations

PCAs are essential for various reasons, including:
Ensuring property safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
Helping owners and managers develop effective maintenance strategies.
Providing accurate valuations for purchasing or refinancing decisions.
Supporting due diligence processes for financial institutions.
Reducing unexpected expenditures through proactive identification of needed repairs.

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) report, also known as a Property Condition Report (PCR), is a detailed evaluation of a property’s physical condition, including building systems and components. It provides information on short- and long-term capital expenses required to maintain the property, aiding in decision-making for buyers, lenders, and property owners.

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